Thursday, July 5, 2007



10. He BEAT Algore & john F__-ing Kerry --could you just imagine if one of those guys had been the leader of the Free World from September 11, 2001 til today?

9. He's Still a Cowboy--I like his "swagger", I like his stalwart determination, I like his courage, and I like the fact that he is ALWAYS a consummate gentleman, and I do NOT care that he doesn't "speak like a statesman, but more like "my neighbor and my friend".

8. Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Tony Snow---Both Vice president Cheney AND Tony Snow had/have very serious health issues and could very easily graciously bow out of this administration--but as patriots and true men of courage, they continue to serve our country and this president unwaiveringly. Will we ever forget Tony Snow's slapdown of Helen Thomas (thank you God) or when Dick Cheney told some moronic Dem Senator to "F___ OFF! (heehee)

7. His sense of Humor. I don't care who you are, but Dubya can be Verry funny--the kind of funny that can make you spit out that last sip of wine funny. And very self-deprecating too. Just read "Strategery" and you will truly see the sense of humor and true character of this fine man.

6. COURAGE. Would any of us truly be able to face the media frenzy fanatics (who remind me of the hyenas in Lion King who are drooling in anticipation of fresh blood) day in and day out?!! He can fly an F-16 fighter jet. He can meet an ex-KGB guy--alone--He can sit right next to Nancy Pelosi (yuck), and actually eat lunch with Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy.And he doesn't need a big glass of wine!!!! Can you remember another President with big enough "kahunas" to fly into Bagdad and have Thanksgiving dinner with the troops in the middle of a war? That's MY kind of Commander -in-Chief!

5. He is NOTHING like Bill Clinton.

4. Laura Bush. Can you think just how difficult it will be if Bill were to become First Lady/"manho"? As my taxi driver in NOLA said, a darling black member of a local rock band--"She (Hillary) can't take care of her "manho". How is she gonna take care of this country?" That is a direct quote.

3.The Supreme Court. Roberts and Alito were masterful choices and have changed the face of the SCOTUS for a long time--we truly need one more justice, either under President Bush or by another Truly pro-life Conservative President--do not forget VETO of embryonic stem cells by this wonderful President as well.

2. Terrorists are STILL AFRAID of Him! If you don't think so... check out the terror attacks in the United States since 9/11/01--um...NONE! Not one person in this country believed we would be almost 6 years since a single attack has occurred. Yes, we have had some thwarted attempts--but the "big guys" know that GWB would "shock and awe" any (and maybe) ALL countries who may have a hand in anything resembling September 11.


1. President Bush Loves this Country of ours more than anything else, except his FAITH. He is Not about his name, his legacy, his poll numbers...He is serving his country to the best of his ability during a very difficult time in history, under intense criticism from both the right and the left. Much like the much maligned Abraham Lincoln, I have a tremendous amount of admiration for him. May God Bless him today--on his 61st Birthday and for years to come. And may God bless the United States of America for choosing this man to be our leader.


Seven times blessed said...

Wow! Even though you borrowed a format from a big lib (David Letterman) you did an awesome job!! I agree with them all-- especially #1. Happy Birthday Mr. President! I pray for blessings and good news for your day.(Is the resignation of Pelosi or Reid to much to ask for on your birthday-- oh, wait-I forgot- they are actually comic relief!)_ God bless America and our President!

Karen said...

Thanks for this! I would love to steal it for my Myspace!!!! God Bless Prez Bush! I still love him, too!

bugdoctor said...

We do too!